Some times when the recommendation of Physical Therapy arises, this can cause a great deal of stress on the recipient. The fear of more medical bills comes to the front of your head, or trying to find the facility that with provide the services for physical therapy in Lagrange. Not to mention the alarming amount of concern for your healing time.

Ayden Healthcare of Toledo, located at 4293 Monroe Street in Toledo, has the capability to show you that with the right mindset and proper care, you will be able to achieve your goal set forth for your recovery time.

Why Choose Ayden Healthcare & Our Physical Therapy Program?

We see many different cases for Physical Therapy, some cases are more severe than others. Those sorts of cases usually lead to staying at our facility to attend short-term rehabilitation care as opposed to coming in from home. For example, if you are now on the road to recovery after suffering a stroke, you will more than likely be in our care for a while.

When you are receiving PT for a stroke, you can increase strength in various parts of your body and regain your balance. Going through PT also allows you to regain your independence and take care of simple chores and daily activities in your home once you have met your goals.

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Or if you suffer from pulmonary issues, physical therapy can improve quality of life through strengthening, conditioning and breathing exercises, and help clear fluid in the lungs. If this is the case, please note our 24 hour nursing care has a great reputation and even greater personalities. It is bad enough you have gone through something so damaging that you now require follow-ups for physical therapy.

There are, however times where you can be treated as an out-patient to receive physical therapy in Lagrange. If you find that you are being referred to PT after receiving some sort of surgery, physical therapy treatment may not require you to become a short-term resident with us, but we will still provide you with the proper care that will allow you to regain muscle use.

Get The Best Physical Therapy In Lagrange, Ohio

Ayden Healthcare of Toledo is not your average facility. We cater to all sorts of ailments. Our amazing team of licensed therapists and nurses is kept up to date with the latest and greatest methods on how to execute the best way of caring for you while you are here.

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You will find that it is extremely uncommon to have any sort of discrepancy between the patient and therapist. The compassion that blossoms during the running time of the session shows we are true and genuine.

Experience Our Physical Therapy In Lagrange – Call Ayden Healthcare

If Ayden Heathcare of Toledo seems like a great place to receive the care you require for proper healing, give us a call and ask to schedule a consultation appointment to evaluate and treat your case.

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Our phone number is (419) 474-6021. Or you can send an email and one of our team members will respond to you your request in a timely manner.

So why wait? Make Ayden Healthcare of Toledo your new home. Contact us today to learn more about our assisted living programs and arrange a tour.




Physical Therapy In Lagrange | Ayden Healthcare of Toledo
Physical Therapy In Lagrange | Ayden Healthcare of Toledo

Our centers have been in the community for 40 years. Ayden Healthcare has cultivated a reputation for unparalleled service in a warm atmosphere. Our mission is an unwavering dedication to the lives of those we serve every day. We don’t just want you to feel taken care of-we want you to feel at home.

Ayden Healthcare of Toledo

Ayden Healthcare is Toledo leading provider of locally owned nursing and rehabilitation communities. We combine rehabilitation therapy with skilled nursing care, all tailored to your unique needs. Whether you need a short-term rehabilitation stay, long-term care, or specialized memory care; Ayden communities are the perfect place to call home.

Offering 24-hour nursing care for both short-term rehabilitation guests and long-term care residents who need more assistance. Our highly trained nursing and therapy staff are dedicated to ensuring that our patients meet their goals by working side-by-side to develop a holistic plan for care. We strive to provide services in a home-like and comfortable environment, so patients and families can focus on recovery.

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